Monday, May 9, 2016

DohJe using gratitude to topple turnover at Hilltop

By: Mata Smith

Gratitude is described as a state of being that is fundamental to a life well lived.  Scientists are finding that if gratitude is practiced habitually, a slew of benefits may be reaped, such as a stronger immune system, higher level of positive emotions, more optimism, acting compassionately and feeling less lonely and isolated.  DohJe is a company making it easy to share gratitude.  It is reinventing recognition for healthcare by providing a simple, new way for patients to thank a caregiver and for caregivers to support one another.  And, I'm excited to have recently joined the team here in beautiful Bend, OR!
Mata Smith, DohJe writer
DohJe’s recent partnership with Hilltop Community Resources, an assisted living and home care partner in Grand Junction, CO, will allow a resident's family members to directly thank the staff who care for their loved ones many miles away. Caregivers will also be able to communicate positively and share gratitude with one another, decreasing turnover and increasing morale and performance.

Many of us may face the difficult decision to place a parent or loved one into an assisted care facility.  The intention with this life change is to ensure that the people who took such good care of us will receive the same love and attention in their most delicate years.  Studies indicate however, that recruiting and securing assisted living employees is becoming a serious problem for long-term care facilities. Staff stability is critical to providing care to assisted living residents and high quality assisted living services depend upon a reliable, well-trained workforce. Hilltop is ensuring this workforce by joining forces with DohJe.  
Hilltop, recently named one of the healthiest places to work by the American Psychological Association, is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of its employees and the clients they serve.  Its partnership with DohJe will continue to support this mission.
"At Hilltop we are committed to employees having a great experience and believe that receiving gratitude is an important element of that,” says Michaelle Smith, Senior Director, Hilltop Community Resources. “We know that employees who feel valued provide outstanding service to our clients.  We are excited to start using to harness the power of gratitude."      
Turnover and truancy costs health care facilities millions of dollars. The rate of turnover for new nurses alone is 30% for the first year and up to 57% by the second year according to research reported by American Nurse Today.   The ability to recognize nurses and send thank you notes through the DohJe platform has already had an impressive effect on reducing this turnover rate and its associated cost at partner facilities. DohJe has partnered with academic researchers from Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan to study how sharing gratitude using DohJe's real-time, web-based recognition system can have a significant impact on employee retention and staff morale at Hilltop and several other leading facilities.  
A little bit of gratitude goes a long way, and with DohJe’s solution, it takes only 2 minutes to share it.  Gratitude is a beautiful thing, and it makes an impact.

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