Monday, December 15, 2014

'Selfie' tutorial from 15-year old selfie expert plus chance to win $25 Amazon gift card

Hello!  Sorry we've been so quiet on the blog for so long!  It's been a busy second half of the year. We will fill you in on all the news soon....

In the mean time, here is a fun little post from one of our newest team members, Kirsten Spraker. Kirsten is heading up DohJe operations on the east coast. She was an Air Force helicopter pilot and her military experience will be a huge help as we work to bring DohJe to military and VA hospitals in 2015. Here is Kirsten at the top of Mt. Fuji. She was stationed in Japan with her family before returning to DC in Aug. 

Attention CAREGIVERS:  help us get the gratitude flowing! Patients are looking for you to send their gratitude and close their gratitude debts - they really want and need to find you!  Haven't posted a profile picture yet on DohJe?  Don't have a headshot readily available? No problem!

I bet you have a smartphone with a 'selfie' camera option or you know someone who does. How in the the world do you take a good selfie, you ask? Well, DohJe, Inc. consulted a 15 year old selfie expert to offer some tips. Who better to consult than a teen who has taken 1000's of selfies already in her life! Take a look at this quick, helpful tutorial to learn how to take a perfect selfie worthy of posting online for patients to find you...

Send us a note to after watching this tutorial and let us know if it was helpful!  

Remember the goal of your DohJe selfie is to help patients recognize you, so think about wearing your scrubs and whatever hairstyle, glasses, etc that you wear to work. 

CONTEST:  At the end of January, we will give away two $25 Amazon gift cards for...
1.  The most helpful feedback 
2.  The best DohJe style selfie

You can attach your selfie to your DohJe profile from the "edit profile" page. 

If you don't have a DohJe account, click "sign-up" in the top right corner at and we will work with your facility to get you up and running right away!

We are so proud of all of you!

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