Thursday, March 20, 2014

DohJe: Videos, Photos, Design, and Gratitude

It's been a wonderful week of launching a new pilot site, a news story, and the continuation of great work with amazing people.  We live what we're doing, so this post is all about gratitude.

From Amanda Krantz, DohJe Founder and CEO -

I am so incredibly grateful to Gabe Slate and Eric Eglin at KRON4 News in San Francisco for the amazing story they just did on the DohJe launch at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.  

Right after the news aired, we had a constant stream of "find my caregiver" submissions on  And they are still coming in!  We connected with Eric Eglin after seeing his comment on a LinkedIn article by Cleveland Clinic CEO, Toby Cosgrove.  Eric expressed his gratitude to Toby and the staff at Cleveland Clinic, and DohJe Purveyor of Gratitude, Chris Wolstenholme, commented back.  Eric understood what we are trying to do from his personal experience, and graciously offered to wait to cover our story until we were ready to announce the UCSF launch.  

Gabe was the "live" guy, and is clearly a wizard.  He arrived at UCSF BCH at 2:15pm, set up in minutes, and did just one take of everything (because he makes everyone so comfortable).  He masterfully edited the footage and then aired it on the 8pm broadcast the same night.  He even managed to get the video up on the KRON4 site less than an hour later (when it normally can take over 24 hours).  Thank you Gabe and KRON4 News team!  

These three leaders at UCSF have been amazing to work with: Kim Scurr (RN and Executive Director of the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital), Diane Vonbehren (RN and Director-Perinatal Services), and Elizabeth Harrington (RN and Patient Care Manager, Center for Mothers and Newborns).  Here they are in the Charlie's Angels walk that Gabe shot for the KRON4 News story. It didn't make the final 2-minutes, but I thought they look super cool.  (Left to Right: Elizabeth, Kim, Diane).  Thanks also to Juliana Bunim, UCSF Media Relations Manager, who helped me navigate the maze and get approvals to shoot the interview at UCSF BCH.

(hallway video)

I’ve been having fun going to UCSF every week, meeting more of their staff, taking their photos, and making product improvements based on their feedback.  I learned that nobody likes their badge photo, so Team DohJe hatched a plan.  We think we can help them get comfortable putting their face on DohJe if they have a photo they love.  But I’m not a photographer so ...

Eric Raeber, Tea Towel Superhero

Abundant thanks to our superhero DohJe photographer, Eric Raeber!  Eric is super-fun to work with.  After a couple hours of laughing and taking photos of our "model" (rockstar Stanford ER MD, Rebecca Walker), Rebecca helped me capture this photo of Eric.  Rebecca had no idea what she was getting into.

Jessie K., RN
Not only has Eric taken amazing photos for our new posters, he has also taught me how to take headshots.  He lets me borrow his portable flash set-up so I can take photos whenever I’m meeting with people at UCSF.  Then he edits my photos and makes me look like a pro!  

Amanda Krantz, CEO in a sweater

The idea for better headshots came from the guys at  They did fantastic photo shoots to help get new users, and the awe of the experience just stuck.  This photo was taken at one of those shoots by Justin Winokur Photography. Thanks for the photo and the inspiration!

Eric's photo of Ahn and Rohan

Bobbi Williams, General Manager of Natural Resources, allowed us to set up an a photo shoot in the store's green room. Ahn and her boys were my planned-for models, but we photographed a couple of brave strangers as well. Thanks all!

The gratitude just keeps going and going and going ...

Kiersten Lammerding volunteered her time with early UX input. Thanks, Kiersten.

Thanks to Chris Anton at Cloudburst Design Studio in Boulder, CO for the graphic design on our posters. This is one of a series of eight.  He iterated, gave thoughtful suggestions, and ended up with a great final product.

A long overdue thanks to Angela Chih at AHCDesign for our DohJe logo design, our first website mockups, and our business cards!

DohJe poster on display at Summit Coffee

Thanks to Summit Coffee for providing great wifi, coffee, and empanadas during my "office" hours. And thanks also for proudly displaying our DohJe “Easy Peasy” poster where all of your loyal customers can see it!

Thanks to Elspeth C., the UCSF BCH nurse who helped me deliver a 9 pound baby and inspired me to start DohJe in the first place.

And a final thanks to my co-founders, Francis Li and Dawn Cheairs, who do EVERYTHING!

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