Monday, May 6, 2013

DohJe: Just In Time for Nurses Week

You may notice a lot going on in the first couple of weeks in May.  Not only do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, but these first weeks are also highlighted for our friends and neighbors in the healthcare industry.  National Nurses Week and Hospital Week help focus our attention on these individuals and institutions that are so important to our communities.  Most of us don’t need to be reminded, but plenty of us do forget to say “Thank You”.  These amazing people care for us through some of the most significant events in our lives, and now we have an easy way to show our gratitude to them.  

Meet DohJe.

Imagine you are about to become a parent.  You’ve done the research.  You think you know what to expect.  And then miraculously, brilliantly, your anticipated stranger arrives.  Everything you planned for fades into the background and that tiny human is now the star of the show.  Household chores and important correspondence alike are gently replaced with hope, swaddled tightly in good intentions.

Now imagine you are waking up in an unfamiliar room with bright lights, strange sounds, and a scent of something you almost remember.  Oh yeah, that’s what clean and fear and necessity smell like.  You were in an accident, and there’s a person above you holding your hand and asking how you’re feeling now.  A halo is above this man’s head, and you suddenly feel the urge to embrace him and name your firstborn after him.  After several weeks in the hospital, then a couple of months at home, you are back to normal, but there’s this nagging thought that you can’t quite identify.

Unexpressed gratitude.  That’s the common thread in these examples and probably in your life, too.  Crazy, tragic, significant events occur, and we feel so thankful to the people that help us through them.  Sometimes, you don’t realize how important it is to say “Thank You” until weeks or months or years pass.  Sometimes, you’re ready right away to share this gratitude, but can’t find the deserving recipient!  This is the reason that we’ve created DohJe.  Now we all have a tool to help find these amazing caregivers and thank them.

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